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Solid Flat Proof & Pneumatic

TRAXTER HD - Extreme Duty Solid Tire

Engineered to handle the most severe applications, the Traxter HD flat proof solid skid steer tire combines the benefits of a hard surface tire with plenty tread to give great traction. With deep massive tread lugs and self-cleaning design, this is an ideal tire for those looking for a solution where other tires don’t stand up to the job. Its superior design provides the longest life in a solid tire available.

Traxter HD solid flat proof no air skid steer tire
TRAXTER R4 - Solid Off-road Traction

Engineered with the highest quality natural and synthetic rubber compounds to provide great durability and long life. With deep tread, mud breakers and built in cushion ride, these flat proof tires are made to outperform the life of a similar pneumatic tire by 3 to 5 times with the performance that is needed in the most demanding environments.

Traxter R4 solid flat proof no air skid steer tire
TRAXTER SM- Best Tire on Hard Surfaces

Smooth solid skid steer tires are engineered with high quality rubber compounds. With a smooth tread these are ideal for use on hard surface and scrap applications where mud traction is not needed. This massive solid rubber tire will provide long wear and reduced downtime.

Traxter smooth solid flat proof no air skid steer tire
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